McKinley, Miller, Mooney Introduce Legislation to Promote the Creation of An Appalachian Storage Hub

Hub Would Bring Significant Investments and Jobs to The Region

Representatives David B. McKinley, P.E., (W.Va.-1), Carol Miller (W.Va.-3) and Alex Mooney (W.Va.-2) introduced legislation that would direct the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to provide funds to help in the creation of an Appalachian petrochemical hub.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in August 2017, the storm not only impacted an untold number of homes and businesses, it also exposed a weakness in America’s petrochemical industry. About 95 percent of America’s production of ethylene is produced on the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana — a region exposed to major storms like Hurricane Harvey.

“Investing in our energy infrastructure will help grow our economy and make America more secure. The development of a storage and distribution hub for natural gas liquids (NGLs) in Appalachia would create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, spark new investments, and bring billions of dollars in revenue to the region,” Congressman McKinley said. “Through American ingenuity and research, we have emerged as a leading producer of energy. We need to use our resource to attract value added manufacturing. We must make this project a priority so that we can ensure that our domestic supply is not at risk.”

The construction of an ethane storage hub would not only benefit national security but would boost economic development and bring new jobs to Appalachia. Full text of the Appalachian Regional Energy Hub Initiative Act (H.R. 4433) can be read here

 “West Virginia is an energy state, it is our past and it will be our future. The Appalachian Regional Energy Hub Initiative Act goes a long way in undoing the damage from the previous administration’s War on Coal and creates a new level of stability in our energy industry,” Congresswoman Miller said. “This legislation will create good-paying, dependable jobs, grow our economy, and provide much-needed infrastructure development throughout the region. I’m proud to join with Congressman McKinley and Congressman Mooney to ensure that West Virginia remains an incredible place to live, work, and raise a family now and for generations to come.”

The storage hub has received strong vocal support from the Trump Administration with Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry taking a specific interest in the idea of an Appalachian storage hub.

“The Appalachian Regional Energy Hub presents a great opportunity to further develop and grow West Virginia’s energy sector. Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, West Virginia’s economy has been growing and this energy hub will further help our communities and create jobs,” Congressman Mooney said. “Glad to work Congressman McKinley, Congresswoman Miller and my colleagues in the West Virginia Delegation on this important regional priority.”


  • The concept was initially presented to McKinley in May 2015. Since then, McKinley has been a strong advocate and promoter of the ethane hub, leading regional efforts to build Congressional support and speaking at several public forums on the benefits of the project
  • In 2017, McKinley successfully passed legislation to authorize a Department of Energy and Department of Commerce study on the feasibility of establishing the storage hub.  In 2018 that study was competed and touted the need for Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub. To read more click here.
  •  In May of 2017 the American Chemistry Council published a report on the potential economic benefits of a hub. To read the full report clock here.
  •  In July of 2017, McKinley led a letter to President Trump urging the Administration to put resources into the development of the regional storage hub, which is necessary take advantage of the West Virginia’s abundant supplies of natural gas liquids.
  • Also, in 2017, McKinley also hosted Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry in Morgantown, WV to discuss the ethane storage hub project with stakeholders on the ground.
  • McKinley successfully included language in 2018 Omnibus bill that directed DOE to coordinate with other agencies to actively promote and reach out to potential petrochemical companies to invest in the Appalachian Hub.
McKinley authored an op-ed that ran in the West Virginia State Journal on the importance of a storage hub. Click here to read the full text

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