The high cost of health care is unaffordable to thousands of West Virginian families. As a former hospital board member and the husband of a critical care nurse, Congressman McKinley draws upon his experiences to influence his work on health care. As more families see their health care needs grow, Rep. McKinley believes we need to increase access to high- quality care while keeping patients in charge of their health. The federal government should work towards policies that lower the price of health care, not raise it.


Rep. McKinley continues to pursue a repeal of the health care law that has led to double digit increases in the cost of health care for many West Virginian families. In its place, he believes we need reforms that will help ensure access to affordable, quality health care to all Americans without hurting our economy and adding to our national debt. All of the promises that were made about the Affordable Care Act – that you could keep your plan if you like it, you could keep your doctor, premiums would be more affordable, and the plan would insure the uninsured – have not come true. We can do better. House Republicans have offered a better way and proposed alternatives that will maintain coverage for pre-existing conditions, allow consumers to purchase plans across state lines, keeps young adults on their parent’s plan until they are 26 and give patients and doctors more control; not unelected government bureaucrats.

Key Health Care Priorities
  • The Patient Access to Treatments Act brings fairness and common sense to millions of Americans trying to pay for the cost of critical, life-saving treatments that can improve their quality of life.
  • BACPAC: Medicare is vital to the healthcare of many West Virginians. It must remain solvent and reliable for generations to come while providing the best care for our seniors and grandparents. The Bundling and Coordinating Post-Acute Care (BACPAC) Act would introduce cost-saving measures to Medicare that also improve care and empowers our seniors to take control of their own health needs. Better management of Medicare's resources will help seniors receive the care they deserve for years to come.
  • NIH Funding: Rep. McKinley continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The ground breaking research conducted by NIH and the researchers it supports is the best in the world and continues to find solutions to our most challenging diseases. He continues to push for full NIH funding so it can continue to serve as the world’s preeminent medical research institution. The NIH is our best hope for finding cures, improving treatments, and gaining a better understanding of the complex causes of diseases that affect millions of Americans.

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