Our nation needs a national energy policy, one that transcends partisan politics and includes all energy sources. Congressman McKinley believes in market-based solutions to provide America’s energy needs. We can protect American jobs while we protecting the environment.

We need to incentivize the development of a 21st Century energy infrastructure, increase funding for fossil energy rese arch, and commercialize the work of our energy laboratories. It is time to reassert our global leadership in energy production.


The “War on Coal” needs to stop. Coal and other energy sources provide tens of thousands of West Virginia jobs. They are the lifeblood of our state. As Chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus and a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, Rep. McKinley is devoted to pushing back on the EPA's over-regulation, especially its destructive and misleading "Clean Power Plan."

Since coming to Congress in 2010, the Congressman has introduced and co-sponsored over 40 pieces of legislation to support coal miners and push back on cumbersome regulations. Key Legislation: Coal Ash Legislation Rep. McKinley's legislation to ensure safe storage and recycling of coal ash was signed into law in December 2016. This legislation protects the 316,000 jobs that rely on the coal ash recycling industry.

Natural gas & oil

Natural gas and oil are very important to the economy of West Virginia and the rest of the country. They both need to play an important role in our nation’s energy future. The safe exploration and aggressive drilling for these two fuels should be encouraged. Moreover, it is imperative that we accelerate the oil & gas pipeline permitting process so we can build the infrastructure necessary to get more resources to the marketplace. This will result in new industries coming to West Virginia and the jobs that come with it.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has proven to be a key issue where Congress can find common ground. As an engineer, Rep. McKinley understands our country needs to make new homes and commercial buildings more energy efficient. In addition, the Department of Energy (DOE) needs to work with the private sector to encourage research, development, and commercialization of innovative energy efficient technology. Advancing energy efficiency technology will not only save energy, but will save money for the consumer and create jobs.


The production and use of fossil fuels does not have to come at the expense of our environment. Environmentally-conscious mining, drilling, and electricity generation should be the goal. Any kind of environmental regulations should be realistic and scientifically achievable. We can grow American jobs while protecting the environment.

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