We need an economic environment that will provide more people with the opportunity to live the American Dream. That will only come when we empower the private sector’s ability to grow and succeed. Washington simply cannot create jobs as well as American entrepreneurship.

The nation’s punishing tax structure and burdensome regulations are harming economic growth. Rep. McKinley is fighting to lower taxes and slash bureaucratic red tape, so more Americans will be inclined to start new businesses and existing businesses will be able to expand.

We also need to reduce our national debt. At $19 trillion and counting, our unsustainable debt is having a negative impact on our nation right now. The best way to kick-start our economy, lower the national debt solution to our debt and solve our jobs crisis is to reduce the burdensome size of government and let Americans get back to work.

We need economic growth, more jobs, and a more competitive America - and that is the goal of the legislation Rep. McKinley writes and cosponsors.

Pro-jobs legislation Congressman McKinley has introduced:

  • Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act (H.R. 5788, 114th Congress): Protects 316,000 jobs by ensuring coal ash can continue to be recycled and disposed in a safe manner. Similar legislation was signed into law in 2016.
  • Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub Study Act (H.R. 2568): Advances a feasibility study for creating a natural gas liquids storage hub in the region, which would attract tens of thousands of jobs and billions in investment.
  • Advancing CCUS Technology Act (H.R. 2296): Promotes the development of new carbon capture and utilization technology that can lead to the next generation of coal power.
  • Spruce Mine (H.R. 1203, 114th Congress): Prevents the EPA from retroactively vetoing water permits that previously had been approved like they did at the Spruce mine in Southern West Virginia.
  • GI Bill STEM Extension Act (H.R. 2108): Gives veterans using the GI Bill additional time to complete their degree if they are in a STEM field.
  • Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (H.R. 1443): Promotes energy efficiency improvements in residential and commercial buildings.
  • HOMES Act (H.R. 2073, 114th Congress): Provides tax rebates for energy efficient upgrades done to homes.
  • American Manufacturing and Worker Protection Act (H.R. 5209, 114th Congress): Gives money from anti-dumping fines back to impacted business and workers.
  • Manufacturing Economic Recovery Act (H.R. 3622, 114th Congress): Provides tax credits for companies to locate in abandoned manufacturing sites.

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