Representative David McKinley and Senator Capito Partner Hold 'Academy Days'

Senator Shelley Moore Capito partnered with representative David McKinley Saturday at University High School to help local high school students.

The Academy Day is meant to provide information to students about admission to U.S. Service academies, and available ROTC scholarships. 

"The Academy Days are wonderful. One of the biggest hurdles that we see is the lack of information and knowledge about the academies themselves. To have this opportunity where the kids can come in, the families can come in, and learn what the academies actually are, what that opportunity is, how it differs from a regular college experience and what opportunities it provides. It's immeasurable," said Chris Kinney, Major.

Admission representatives from the Air Force, Coast Guard, Military/Army, Naval and Merchant Marines were available to answer questions. Representative David McKinley and Senator Capito made remarks and a panel discussion was held by Senator Capito's staff to provide information on academy nominations.

"The best and the brightest students have an opportunity to not only have a great education, but they are going to learn leadership skills. So coming together like this. We have all of the academies together, they contrast some of the styles and operations of each of the Academy institutions," said Representative David McKinley. 

Luke Knollinger from Wheeling Park High School says it has been his goal to attend a service academy from a very young age. He applied to the navel and Air Force Academy. 

"It's definitely a great benefit to anyone who is applying. Whether from young ages, or even just interested. I've been attending these. I attended a few over the years, and it's definitely helped me throughout the process," said Knollinger. 

Representatives from local ROTC scholarship programs also discussed program details with prospective students and their families.

"So all of this is going to make our nation better. To keep that America Great. I'm just delighted to be a part of this and it was wonderful to see the turnout for the number of students who are thinking about it," said Representative David McKinley.