McKinley In Parkersburg

During the two weeks since Congress went on its summer recess, First District Congressman David McKinley has been visiting cities in his region.

Thursday afternoon, McKinley met with employees of the Central West Virginia Credit Union, who expressed concerns about recently-enacted reforms passed after financial system breakdowns which resulted in the great recession.

McKinley says that, while they may have been well-intended, the legislation is too restrictive on most financial institutions.

"Whether it's in the banking or financial institutions, or the manufacturing industry, or the EPA or MSHA," McKinley said, "what they're doing is getting into our lives. And many of us are trying to find a way to get them to pull back."

McKinley says that, elements of the report by the Simpson-Bowles commission last year should be considered in making spending reductions in the federal budget.

The West Virginia Republican wrapped up the day with a town hall meeting at the Ritchie County Courthouse.